2013 Summary of Achievements

This year we have continued to review our financial situation and ongoing maintenance due to the age of the building.

  • Fund raising events have gone from strength to strength raising over £3832 in the financial year.
  • An Environmental Review of the building lead to plans to improve the energy use and hopefully reduce the running costs of the building.
  • A new gas boiler was installed and the rest of the heating system upgraded.
  • TVRs have been fitted to most of the radiators; 2 radiators replaced with new double radiators, 4 extra radiators have been installed, 2 in each hall.
  • The large hall has been placed on a separate zone to help better control the heat levels throughout the building.
  • Insulation has been installed throughout the roof space of the building and the water tanks insulated. The complex already boasts cavity wall insulation.
  • The toilets, corridor, kitchen and foyer have been decorated.
  • Several other areas of improvement have been identified and the Committee hope to address these in the coming year.
  • The Committee sought the advice of a structural engineer and builder with regards to the continuing appearance of cracks. We have been assured that there is no problem with the building.
  • The floor in the main hall was resurfaced again due to errors made by the previous company and is still currently ongoing.
  • The website continues to be an accessible source of information regarding booking, advertising for fundraising events and group details.
  • Working parties of volunteers helped maintain and improve the building and grounds.
  • All costs incurred by the hall continue to be reviewed to find other ways to reduce outgoing expenditure.
  • After continued vandalism to the down pipes, guards have been installed over many of them.
  • The disabled ramp was replaced, at the same time the car park drain was completed to prevent further damage from escaping water.
  • Roof repairs have been carried out to replace broken tiles and damage.
  • Tractor insurance company changed to save over £60.
  • 3 new litter bins have been purchased to help prevent letter being blown about.
  • Waste Recycling continues to be a good source of income and we hope to increase our recycling facilities to raise further funds.
  • Hiring charges have had to be increased due to the continuing rise of running costs of the hall.
  • Dawn to dusk sensors have been fitted on the external lights.

Extracted from our annual report. Click to read more.