Village Hall Improvements Success

During the February half term we finally completed some of our improvements at the Village Hall. During a busy week we had painters, heating engineers and insulation installers working alongside each other to get the work completed in the time allotted so as to cause as little disruption to our groups as possible.

Hopefully some of you will have noticed the improvements but here is what we achieved:

  • New gas boiler installed
  • Replacement of some old radiators with new double radiators
  • Additional radiators installed
  • Thermostatic valves installed on radiators
  • To allow better control of the heating in the large hall it was placed on a separate zone
  • Installation of insulation in the loft space and jackets on water tanks in loft
  • Painting the toilets, corridor, kitchen and foyer area

All of this work could not have been accomplished without the grants awarded to us from:

  • WREN – WREN is a not for profit business that awards grants to community projects from funds donated by FCC Environment to the Landfill Communities Fund.
  • REV ACTIVE through Breckland District Council
  • Mundford Parish Council

We would like to thank them for their donations to enable us to make our hall a more comfortable and enjoyable place to meet and socialise.