2014 Summary of Achievements

This year we have continued to review our financial situation and ongoing maintenance due to the age of the building.

  • Fundraising events continue to raise much needed funds for future projects.
  • The large hall, bar and 2 storage cupboards were decorated during which time the curtains were removed and cleaned. Unfortunately during the work the large hall floor surface was damaged.
  • The play area has required some maintenance/repairs costing £1008.20.
  • We have had an asbestos survey completed on the building to meet new regulations and are awaiting the results.
  • Electric shutters have been installed in the kitchen and bar making their use much easier for our hirers.
  • We have moved the Committee hall office to cupboard 5 to fee up the space in the kitchen for a designated cleaning cupboard.
  • Unfortunately the committee decided that the recycling area was no longer cost effective due to the ongoing problem with fly tipping and the news that Breckland Council will at some point in the near future be moving glass recycling in house.
  • £3258.98 was spent on projects £1250 of this came from grants.
  • The outside fencing was stained.
  • Cricket netting was purchased to protect the building’s roof and windows from cricket ball damage.
  • Several other areas of improvement have been identified and the Committee hope to address these in the coming year.
  • The website continues to be an accessible source of information regarding booking, advertising for fundraising events and group details.
  • Working parties of volunteers helped maintain and improve the building and grounds.
  • All costs incurred by the hall continue to be reviewed to find other ways to reduce outgoing expenditure.

Extracted from our annual report. Click to read more.