August 2010 – Flooring Project

Mundford Village Hall and its facilities were built over 25 years ago. Over the past few years we have been updating our facilities to ensure our hall is well cared for and to keep the facility well used by our rural community. Our project to update the flooring in the building comprised of:

  • Replace the flooring in the female, male and disabled toilets.
  • Replace the flooring in the female and male changing rooms.
  • Replace the flooring in the corridor linking the above facilities to the hall.
  • Replace the flooring in the kitchen with its two store rooms.
  • Replace the flooring in the bar area.
  • Strip and reseal the wooden floor in the large hall.

The flooring in all the above areas except the large hall had been in the hall since it was built over 25 years ago. These needed to be upgraded to bring the facilities up to date and safe.

The floor in the changing rooms needed to be replaced with up to date non-slip covering that would withstand football boots and be safe after the showers have been used by village hall users.

The toilets, corridor, kitchen and bar area floors also needed to be updated as odd tiles had been replaced over the years and we wished to refurbish the areas to bring them up to date. We had updated the toilets and sinks in recent years and the floors were the last part of the project.

In our village hall we have two halls, one small and one large with a sports floor that is used for badminton and indoor carpet bowls as well as social functions and by other clubs on a regular basis. This floor required stripping and resealing to keep it in good order for the clubs who use the hall regularly.

The total cost of these projects was:

  • Large Hall Floor – £1,850
  • Changing rooms, toilets, kitchen, corridor and bar – £6,063

These projects would not have been possible without the generous grants received from:

  • Awards for All – £6,203
  • Mundford Parish Council -£300
  • Breckland Lodge – £250

Mundford Recreation Ground and Village Hall Trust contributed the remainder of the funds required – £1,160.